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    Titleist 915H Hybrid Golf Club Review
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    The Titleist 915H is an interesting package of state of the art technologies and performance in a timeless/classy looking design. This club falls in the category of better player Hybrid and retails for $269 (that’s the MSRP). One of the most interesting technological additions in the 915 line of Hybrid is the ARC (active recoil channel) which is far superior to the regular slots other golf equipment manufacturers included in their clubs. Titleist’s ARC is pretty unique, as it’s wider, deeper and runs on the entire length of the club’s head. Its practical purpose is really useful, i.e. it allows the sole to “flex” along with the crown at ball impact, leading to a way more efficient energy transfer from the club to the ball, resulting in less spin and faster speeds. A very interesting concept indeed which really works/feels in real life, i.e. during your swings. Other changes include a lower center of gravity (works like a charm in increasing MOI and launch angles) and a thin high speed face insert (this enhances ball speed even further). All these technological novelties working together translate into an outstanding golf club with loads of forgiveness and versatility.

    The Titleist 915H is fully adjustable due to its SureFit Tour Hosel which allows you to make two independent adjustments for fine-tuning your gameplay to suit your every need on any type of turf. There are sixteen different combos to choose from but I would recommend you to do the fine-tuning job assisted by a certified Titleist professional. In terms of design, the Titleist 915H is a traditional looking club with a glossy metallic black finish, very sober and pleasing to the eye, featuring a very clean look overall. Despite the fact that the Titleist 915H club is marketed as a “better player” hybrid, in terms of forgiveness this is a very easy to use/hit piece of golf gear, and that’s awesome in my book, being a great confidence booster regardless your skill level. In conclusion, I must confess that I love this club, being an excellent choice for any golf aficionado; it’s well-engineered, stylish and capable of great shots even when you’re not having the best of days on the turf. Despite its hefty price tag which puts it in the high-end bracket, the Titleist 915H has the technology and the design which makes it worth the stretch.