Callaway Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond udesign Drivers Review
    © Callaway Golf

    Here comes another excellent driver from Callaway, with the extraordinary long name of Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond udesign; name aside, if you’re looking for a piece of golf gear which offers ultra low spin and humongous distance, well, this is it. The udesign particle means that you can customize this baby to Hell and back, being a “your color-your driver” kind of a deal. Callaway offers you thousands of possible combinations with these drivers, ranging from your own personal grip, shaft or club head accent plus lots of other fine-tuning options. Basically, the udesign thingy signifies that you can build your driver of your dreams, free of charge. Aside from these cool customizing options, the Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond means business, featuring the latest and greatest technologies from a reputable golf company like Callaway. Being designed with better players in mind, this driver is a tad more difficult to hit than regular drivers, i.e. less forgiving, featuring Callaway’s Gravity Core technology. This means that Callaway engineered this particular driver by moving more weight low and forward in the club’s head, thus managing to cut back on spin and increasing speed (and distance in the process, of course). Being one of the top-rated models in its category and price bracket (it retails for $499), the Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond provides awesome carry distance and better roll than the vast majority of its competitors.

    Alpha also means that this driver is a true beast, if you have the skills and the will to master it properly. The compact looking head is focused at providing you with consistent and accurate shots and makes for an easy to hit power-driver. At ball impact, the Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond feels powerful and springy, making for an awesome combo of distance and shot-making ability. The center of gravity is fully adjustable (here the Gravity Core comes into play) offering big-league versatility to suit all types of players, and allowing variable spin options/ball flight at demand.  Oozing high quality and a classy design, the Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond is among my favorite drivers that I tried recently and it comes highly recommended, being a top performer, long and hugely playable.