SuperStroke Announces Partnership with Arccos Launch Putter Grip Accessory

We’ve already covered Arccos Golf’s amazing grip sensors and their use of AI/artificial-intelligence in previous articles, but today’s news story is about their partnership with one of the biggest names in golf. Yes, we’re talking about grip maker SuperStroke closing a deal with Arccos, and with these two forces combined, to quote from Captain Planet, a gap will be filled in regard to putter compatibility. If we sound mysterious, here’s the deal: the stat tracking platform also known as Arccos is world-famous for their capability of analyzing individual golfers’ tendencies and rounds by using specially designed grip sensors and AI.

Now, after grip maker SuperStroke’s cooperation, Arccos announced a brand new adapter, that permits the respective sensors to work “in joint venture” with SuperStroke’s Traxion and CounterCore putter grips. Yes, we know, it sounds pretty interesting, because it is. Here’s how it works: SuperStroke’s Countercore grips are specially designed to permit the golfer to counterbalance their putter grips by using a weight that’s fixed in the butt of the respective grip. Until recently, this specific weight-design did not allow the Arccos high tech sensor to fit securely (screw basically) in the butt of the grip. The same problem had to be addressed with the SuperSTroke Traxion putter grips, which also feature a special Tech Port, that helps with counterbalancing the grip.

SuperStroke Announces Partnership with Arccos Launch Putter Grip Accessory

Arccos mitigated this problem by revealing a cutting edge multi piece grip accessory that comes with a tightening wrench (yes, old school solutions to a high tech problem); this elegant solution allows for the counterweight and the sensor to be secured. Arccos CEO and Co-Founder Sal Syed was quoted as saying about the new partnership with SuperStroke:

“The Arccos community is passionate about harnessing the latest innovations to improve their on-course performance, which is exactly why a large number of our users choose SuperStroke Traxion putter grips with a Tech-Port. We’re thrilled to add this product to our growing portfolio of offerings, including those developed in partnership with leading global brands like Cobra Puma Golf, PING and Microsoft.”

To make things even more interesting, SuperStroke has a great deal for their customers, i.e. for a limited time the company offers a Traxion putter grip featuring a Tech-Port plus the new Arccos-accessory for just $30. The regular Arccos grip accessory retails currently for $20. Here’s the CEO of SuperStroke USA Dean Dingman:

SuperStroke Announces Partnership with Arccos Launch Putter Grip Accessory

“For more than a decade we’ve pushed the innovation envelope and are continuing along that path through this collaboration with Arccos. We’re happy to provide Arccos Caddie users with an integrated solution for connecting a smart sensor to our performance-driven putter grips.”

Basically, the new golf accessory that’s been developed by Arccos’ award winning engineers and SuperStroke has been the natural response from “the free market” to the demand from the company’s quickly expanding global base, which incidentally aligns perfectly with the No. 1 Putter Grip in Golf, i.e. SuperStroke. According to Fast Company’s “World’s Most Innovative Companies 2018”, Arccos is ranked third in the Sports category globally, boasting the industry’s richest database (golf-related) which includes detailed information on over 200 million shots hit by 5 million connected clubs during 3 million rounds, or something along these lines. This comprehensive data set is analyzed in real time by the Arccos Caddie platform, which automatically (using AI/cloud based technology) tracks a particular golfer’s on course performance due to the Arccos ultra-light sensor embedded in each club-grip and connected to the proprietary smartphone app. Basically, using Arccos technology, you’ll be able to receive instantly the optimal strategy and, even more, the predicted outcome for literally every shot on any hole in the world, and the result is estimated based on a players’ individual stats/shot history, and corroborated with other golfers’ performance, along with direction, wind speed, elevation changes, hazard locations, hole geometry and more.