SuperStroke Launches New Traxion Series Grips

Back in February, SuperStroke took the world by storm, as the company launched their new Traxion Series Putter Grips and the Traxion Tour Swing Grip. Each new grip features SuperStroke’s patented Traxion Control surface texture technology, which was developed by the company’s R&D department for improved performance and enhanced feel.

How does it work? The secret is in the X-shaped treads, which are located throughout the putter and swing grips in high sensory areas, and they’re designed to help boost responsiveness and feedback in those special places where the golfer’s hand makes contact with the grip surface. Besides Traxion Control, the new series of grips from SuperStroke boasts Spyne Technology, which consists of an embossed ridge located underside of the grips. The purpose of those heavily embossed ridges is to serve as a reminder of sorts, which helps with repeatable hand-placement, thus making it easier for golfers to square the face at impact via muscle-memory.

SuperStroke Launches New Traxion Series Grips

SuperStroke CEO Dean Dingman was quoted as saying about the new technologies that:

“Different golfers need different things to play their best, which is why we offer a wide range of swing and putter grips. But there are also elements of grip design that are good for everyone. Traxion and Spyne are two technologies that are almost universally preferred and can help every golfer improve their game.”

Moving along with our story, the SuperStroke Traxion Series Putter Grips can be ordered in fifteen different models, and each model comes fully loaded with all the bells and whistles in the company’s portfolio, including No Taper Technology. The No Taper tech was developed to minimize grip pressure via a lower hand profile, and thus to help players add more consistency to their stroke. And yes, this is as clever in real life as it sounds.

SuperStroke Launches New Traxion Series Grips

Another technology worth mentioning in the Traxion Series Putter Grips is the Tech Port, which is basically an adjustable weight port located in the cap of the grip; and before you ask, its purpose is to allow you to counter balance your putter according to your specific needs. And the best thing about the Tech Port technology is that it’s fully compatible with all accessories in the SuperStroke line-up, the CounterCore weight system included. And if you were wondering about the price, you can order any of the fifteen models for $29.99 each. Now, let’s take a deeper look at the various details in the Traxion Series Putter Grip models.

First, we have the Claw Series, which have a specially designed profile designed to function properly with all variations of one’s specific putting style. The Claw Series design includes a pistol style top section, and it’s available in sizes: Claw 1.0 (Available April 2019), Claw 2.0 (Available Now) and colors: White/Red/Grey, White/Blue/Grey.

SuperStroke Launches New Traxion Series Grips

Next in line, we have the Tour Series putter grips, which are the logical successor of the Ultra Slim 1.0, Mid-Slim 2.0, Slim 3.0, and Fatso 5.0, featuring a round back design and making for the company’s most popular shape. The Tour Series are available in sizes Tour 1.0, Tour 2.0, Tour 3.0, Tour 5.0 and colors: White/Red/Grey, Black/White, Red/White, Grey/White, Black/Blue/White.

The hilariously named Flatso Series feature SuperStroke’s pentagonal Flatso profile, which makes for a flat front/wide grip shape with 5 pronounced edges. The Flatso Series are available in sizes Flatso 1.0, Flatso 2.0, Flatso 3.0 and in colors White/Red/Grey, Black/White, Black/Blue/White.

Then, we have the Pistol GT putter grip series, boasting a cool design that combines the always awesome pistol style top section with SuperStroke’s patented No Taper technology; these two features combined will help with locking in your upper hand position, and to maintain both grip pressure and consistency of your strokes. The Pistol GT putter grips are available in sizes Tour, Pistol GT 1.0, Pistol GT 2.0 and colors White/Red/Grey, Red/White, White/Blue/Grey.

SuperStroke Launches New Traxion Series Grips

The SS2R Squared are basically square-shaped grips, as their name suggests, featuring 4 flat sides aimed at helping you remove extra tension from your, forearms, wrists and hand. Weighing 107 grams, the SS2R Squared putter grips will provide you with extra back weighting and they’re designed to be the perfect companion for heavier putter heads. The SS2R Squared is available in colors white, red and grey.

Finally, we have the Plus XL Series grips; these big boys measure 13.75’’, which is 3.25 longer compared to SuperStroke’s standard length. The boost in length makes these bad boys the ideal choice for golfers who play using mid length putters, or those who are seeking for extra counter balance. The Plus XL grips are available in sizes Tour XL 2.0, the Tour XL 3.0, Flatso XL 2.0 and colors White/Red/Grey.

Now, let’s see about the Traxion Swing Grip. The Swing Grip is built using SuperStroke’s patented Torsional Performance technology, which consists of a 2-piece construction that combines a firm rubber-made inner core with a soft polyurethane outer layer. The composite construction is aimed at providing amazing stability along with control and excellent feedback on each shot. The new Traxion Tour Swing grip also features Taper Control Technology, Traxion Control and Spyne Technology, all of which are found in the latest putter grips series. SuperStroke CEO Dean Dingman was quoted as saying about the company’s latest Traxion Tour Swing Grip:

“In the past, choosing a polyurethane swing grip meant compromising performance for comfort. Leveraging what we’ve learned from our putter grips, we’ve been able to fix that. We made huge strides last year with our Cross Comfort swing grip, and the Traxion Tour elevates performance to an even higher level.”

The new Traxion Tour will hit retailers worldwide in May, and it will be available in 4 sizes and 2 colors: white/grey and white/red/grey, in standard size only. The grips will retail for $6.99 for Undersize and Standard, $7.49 for Midsize, and $7.99 for Jumbo.