Motocaddy Cube Connect is World’s First GPS Push Trolley
©Motocaddy Golf

Earlier in March, we all stood in awe as the Motocaddy Cube Connect was revealed to be world’s first GPS push trolley. Do you remember the dark ages of push trolleys, when they used to be total garbage? You know, those flimsy pieces of gear, which looked and felt like they were held together by spit and scotch paper, with fragile frames and all that, and rarely lasted you for a full golf season? Well, not anymore, as the Motocaddy Cube Connect pushes the boundaries of push trolleys, basically reinventing them and all that. The thing is, the Cube Connect, as per its name, is designed to help you connect with the world. More precisely, with the world of golf. The Motocaddy Cube Connect comes equipped with a GPS sensor, and it comes one year after the successful launch of the S5 Connect electric trolley and the free GPS app, also from Motocaddy. This app has been already downloaded by tens of thousands of golfers and yes, the Cube Connect is aimed at replacing your smartphone on the golf course, hence if you’re that kind of golfer who’s constantly pecking at his smartphone, well, not anymore.

This state of the art push trolley features a “smart display” located just above its soft touch handle, and when synced (via Bluetooth obviously) with the Motocaddy GPS application, it will provide you with the exact same data, distances and optional smartphone alerts (if so inclined) as the S5. Basically, you’ll be able to receive notifications alerting you on emails, texts, missed calls or other app alerts, the likes of Facebook or WhatsApp, without having to consult your smartphone, which can remain connected yet safely stored inside your golf bag. The Motocaddy Cube Connect’s smart display can also be used as a regular GPS device, providing you with all the intel required on the battlefield, including front, middle and back measurements/distances to the green, in both metric and royal system, for more than 40 thousand golf-courses from all around the world, plus a clock, a round timer and shot measurements. And yes, all these cool features can be controlled easily via the Motocaddy Cube Connect trolley handle. Basically, this smart push-trolley was created for golfers looking for the next-generation state of the art, ultra-modern gadget-ladden golf gear. Tech talk aside, this push trolley boasts a very intuitive 2-step assembly system, which helps with folding it very quickly, and since it’s almost half the size of regular push trolleys, the Motocaddy Cube Connect can be easily squeezed in your car boot, even if you drive a Mini Cooper. The Cube Connect also features a foot-operated parking brake, a folding lock, quick release friction free wheels, bag supports (adjustable), and the company’s patented and innovative connection system that it’s available on all their trolleys, the Easilock bag to trolley respectively. Moreover, the Motocaddy Cube Connect comes with plenty of storage options, including an integrated accessory compartment, an under handle net and holes for storing tees and balls.