Spin: High

    Dimples: 302

    Compression: Low

    Category Comparison: Premium

    Spec: (Three) 3 Piece / Layers

    The WILSON STAFF DX3 SPIN are just another proof that Wilson are truly market leaders when it comes to soft/low compression golf balls. Just like the others in their 2016 paraphernalia, the WILSON STAFF DX3 SPIN are built using Wilson's proprietary ultra-soft Multilayer technology, which makes for some the softest golf balls on the market today.

    The WILSON STAFF DX3 SPIN is very similar to the Dx2 Soft, but with a twist: the Spin particle translates into more green-side spin for better players, who require tremendous amounts of control when it comes to action in the scoring zone.

    Also, being marketed as the world's softest multilayer golf ball, the WILSON STAFF DX3 SPIN is designed to appeal to players seeking for Tour like workability and spin, but with a soft feel and low spin off the driver, and, very important, without sacrificing forgiveness off the tee in the process.

    Basically, the WILSON STAFF DX3 SPIN is a triple-take in terms of performance, combining great features in one package. Playing with these balls, you'll discover their great qualities, and you'll come back for more!

    I am talking about the excellent soft feel around the greens, which boosts confidence, a great feature which works in tandem with enhanced spin and control for short shots into the green. I mean, Wilson Staff really nailed this one.

    How did they do it? Well, the answer is their trademark three piece construction.
    The mantle of the WILSON STAFF DX3 SPIN is built using a very soft DuPont HPF material, which promotes increased spin levels when it comes to short and mid iron shots, and also increases the resilience for providing you with distance and more speed than ever before in a soft golf ball.

    The coating is built from a state of the art Ionomer and it's specially designed for offering those high lift characteristics we all know and love in Wilson Staff golf balls. Bottom line, the WILSON STAFF DX3 SPIN golf ball is a must-try for golf players seeking for control and spin around the greens, but who are not ready to compromise in terms of feel and spin from the tee.