Spin: Mid

    Dimples: 362

    Compression: Low

    Category Comparison: Premium

    Spec: (Three) 3 Piece / Layers

    The WILSON STAFF DX3 URETHANE is marketed as being the world's softest urethane golf ball, and that's a pretty bold statement, don't you think?

    However, increasingly softer golf balls are apparently the golf industry's trend in the last years, so Wilson Staff's approach is hardly a surprising move.

    So, the WILSON STAFF DX3 URETHANE follows the aforementioned route with a 55 compression which makes it world's softest urethane golf ball. Truth be told, the company has been working for a long time on this project, i.e. to create a very soft Urethane coated ball, since the introduction of the DX 2 ten years ago. And since most golf players seem to enjoy softer feeling balls, enter the WILSON STAFF DX3 URETHANE, which plays in its own league in terms of offering the players total control and consistency, round after round, shot after shot. A soft compression golf ball usually translates into less spin, hence more distance when it comes to longer shots, and the WILSON STAFF DX3 URETHANE adds into the mix the proprietary 362 seamless dimple pattern, which optimizes aerodynamics, thus aiding the ball for an efficient flight pattern. The WILSON STAFF DX3 URETHANE features a three piece multi-layer built, which means that better players will be thrilled when discovering the ball's Tour level control and spin, both on and around the greens.

    Being a Wilson product, the DX3 URETHANE falls into the company's F-C-D fitting system (feel, crossover and distance), that will help with accommodating your own playing style. The very soft coating makes this baby an excellent option for players looking for the ultimate feel in a golf ball, great distance and quality spin and control around the greens.