One of the specific areas of the golf swing that deserves your attention is the role of your elbows. Rather than thinking generally about how your arms should work during the swing, think more specifically and pay attention to the movements of your elbows. Each elbow plays an important role in the swing, although they have different responsibilities. Many amateur players get their elbows out of position during the swing, which can create all kinds of problems. If you are able to simply control where your elbows go – and where they don't go – you will quickly become a better golfer.

Elbows Lesson Chart

The good news is that the job of your elbows in the golf swing is pretty simple. In fact, golf can be made fairly simple if you don't allow yourself to overcomplicate it. Sure there are a lot of fundamentals to learn and techniques to practice, but taking them one at a time can allow you to keep your mind focused and clear while performing the task at hand. If you ever start to feel your mind get cluttered with too many thoughts while practicing or playing golf, you will know it is time to step back and take a deep breath. Keeping golf as simple as possible is one of the main keys to playing well.

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