Titleist 915 D4 Driver Review
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    The Titleist 915 D4 driver retails for $625 (MSRP) and it's build and designed for offering extreme spin reduction, together with exceptional distance. Being part of the 915 series from Titleist, the D4 driver comes fully packed with the latest and greatest proprietary technologies of the company, such as the ultra-hot face with the Active Recoil Channel, the Radial Speed Face, the SureFit Tour hosel and a range of high performance premium shafts, to suit your every need. Compared with the D3 and the D2 drivers, the Titleist 915 D4 is a little bit different. For example, the weight is closer to the face than in the D3/D2, the face is deeper than D3's, and because of that it has 450 cc vs 460 cc for the latter; also,the D4 has a rounder look due to the more curvature across the crown, it reduces spin by 300 ppm when compared to the D3 and it has a lower moment of inertia than the D2/D3 but quite similar to other low-spin drivers from other companies.

    But what does that mean for you, the customer? Well, being aimed at better players, the Titleist 915 D4 will provide you with lower spin options, if you're seeking for a more controlled/controllable ball flight, together with excellent workability and playability. Also, this driver is full of distance and forgiveness technologies, which work together with the deeper face for providing you with consistent performance round after round on the golf course. The Active Coil Channel is basically a wide, long and deep channel in the sole of the club which permits the face to flex upon ball impact, for increased ball speeds and reduced spin. The forged face insert, also known as the Radial Speed Face technology, has variable thickness, for allowing you to achieve consistent ball speeds all across the driver's face. If you put into the mix the premium stock shafts and the SureFit hosel, together with the Titleist 915 D4's great looks and its solid feel and sound, you'll know that you've hit jackpot!