Titleist C 16 Driver Review
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    The Titleist C 16 Driver is part of Titleist's new line of Concept Clubs and maybe the best Titleist ever made. Retailing for $1125 (MSRP), the Titleist C 16 Driver is built and designed for pushing the boundaries both in terms of technology and materials incorporated into its built. The C16 drivers feature premium materials and state of the art technologies, being basically the missing link between the R&D lab and your golf bag, for providing you with more forgiveness and more distance than anything you've ever tried before. Keep in mind that the Titleist C 16 Driver is available in limited quantities, as it's a limited edition to just 1500 pieces approximately. Why should you go for it is the next question. Basically, if you're seeking for the ultimate driver, which is built to deliver you higher speed with lower spin, more forgiveness courtesy of its deep and low center of gravity (CG) together with more distance and total customization possibilities via the SureFit technology, look no further than the Titleist C 16 Driver.

    The SureFit Hosel is the industry leading feature in terms of adjustability, as it permits sixteen totally independent lie and loft settings, for helping you to achieve an optimized ball flight and consistency shot after shot, round after round, via precision fitting. The crown is built using an ultra thin titanium alloy (ATI-425) which permits for more discretionary mass, thus positioning the center of gravity very low and deep, promoting amazing distance, without sacrificing forgiveness in the process. Also, the Titleist C 16 Driver comes with the proprietary active recoil channel, which works in tandem with the ultra light cast body for providing the ultimate in terms of ball speed and low spin, hence promoting more distance than ever before. The SureFit CG weight lets you to move the center of gravity from neutral to heel or toe, which results in increased forgiveness and a more consistent shot shape, while the ultra-thin high-strength titanium-made Cup Face is designed for maximizing face flexibility and reducing weight, delivering increased ball speeds all across the face. Last but not least ,the SureFit grip allows you to promote either a fade or a draw, further increasing control and accuracy.