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If there is a common thread among amateur golfers, you could argue that it is a lack of confidence. The average amateur player simply does not believe in his or her ability to play this game successfully. While they love the game, the typical player doesn’t think much of their talent, or their prospects of shooting a low score in a given round. Unfortunately, this lack of belief is one of the biggest hurdles standing between amateur players and meaningful improvement on the links.

Of course, this lack of confidence is understandable. Golf is an extremely difficult game, and the average player doesn’t get out onto the course very often. If you play once per week as an amateur, you should consider yourself lucky – many players don’t even get to play once per month. Even if you figure something out during one round that you think can help you moving forward, you may forget all about it prior to your next round. Or, even if you do remember this new key you’ve discovered, it may not work the same way when you try it again, since you haven’t been able to practice it consistently. Simply put, it’s hard to get better at golf when you don’t spend time working on your skills each day.

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