Ladies Hybrid Golf Clubs Used For Added Confidence

If you find that you have lost your confidence out on the golf course or when hitting golf shots then you should consider using hybrid golf clubs.

Hybrid golf clubs have a much larger club head than conventional irons do. Initially, when you address the golf ball with a hybrid club, the head looks a lot bigger than the narrow top line of an iron, so straight away it looks easier to hit and connect with as a hybrid has a larger club head.

The hybrid is an easier club to hit with than an iron because with the bigger head you get a bigger sweet spot on the club face. The sweet spot is an area about the size of a medium coin in the middle of the club face and it is the area that produces the longest and most accurate golf shots. If this area is bigger on a hybrid than it is on an iron it is easier to strike the ball from the bigger sweet spot of the hybrid. You will then start hitting longer and straighter golf shots more consistently, which will improve and grow your confidence.

The larger club head on the hybrid also means that this club can resist the twisting effect of off centre hits which means the golf ball flies a lot straighter even when not struck from the centre of the club face. The club head is able to do this as the larger head means that the weight in the club can be placed further away from the centre of the club head. For example, if the golf ball is struck from the toe of the golf club this area of the club head will be slowed down through the impact with the golf ball. However, the heel of the club head is not being slowed down by any impact and so this area continues at the higher speed and twists the club face. A hybrid club head can resist this twisting action as it has a higher moment of inertia as there is more weight further away from the centre of the club head than there is in an iron club head. Even on off centre hits, the hybrid club face will remain straighter and twist less producing a straighter golf shot.

The hybrid club head design also has a much lower centre of gravity than an iron does. The golf ball will be launched at a higher angle into the air, making the hybrid much easier to hit high and the higher you hit your golf shot, the further it will travel.

You will also notice that you hit the hybrid much further than your irons because the design of the sole of the hybrid is to glide across the turf rather than dig into it. As the leading edge, or bottom of the club face, of the hybrid does not dig into the ground, more club head speed will be transferred into the golf ball resulting in a shot that is hit much further and with a much cleaner strike.

If you need a little bit more confidence in your golf game then try using hybrid clubs rather than irons because they are a great deal easier to hit well, will give you added length on your golf shots and will provide you with a great deal more consistency. Thomas Golf have a full selection of hybrids on offer so have a look at their website and get your golf game improved by switching to these.