The Need to Elevate Your Confidence

In many ways, confidence in golf is a byproduct of your ability on the links. Good golfers tend to be more confident, and for good reason. They have seen good shots come off of their clubs in all sorts of situations, so they know that they can handle whatever comes up. Higher-handicap players don’t have this kind of confidence because they simply haven’t seen success as often.

So, do you have to be a good golfer before you can have confidence? How do you reach that level without the confidence needed to play well? This is a tricky, ‘chicken or the egg’ kind of situation. If you feel like you are stuck between needing to elevate your confidence and needing to improve your play to feel more confident, try this little trick – play an easy course. For many players, especially those with a relatively high-handicap, playing an easy course is one of the best options for a quick confidence boost.

When you find an easy course in your area to play, you’ll probably be able to post a pretty good score. There won’t be that many hazards on the course, it probably won’t have too much elevation change, and the yardage will be manageable. Even though you know it’s easy, it will still feel good to write down a nice score at the end of the day. Plus, since the course is easy, and you should be able to keep your ball in play for most of the round, you will likely have more fun than usual, as well. If possible, play a few rounds in a row on easy courses to boost your opinion of your own game. Then, when you head back to a tougher track, you’ll have some extra confidence in reserve.

Don’t underestimate the importance of confidence in your golf game. It might not seem as important as things like swing technique and course management, but confidence deserves a place in that same discussion. It’s hard to play well when you don’t feel confident, as every hazard on the course is going to look bigger, and every slope is going to seem more severe. It’s not easy to trust yourself in this challenging game, but believing in your abilities is essentially a prerequisite for quality play.

We hope the advice provided in this article will help you develop greater self-belief in upcoming rounds. You shouldn’t expect to make huge strides right away, but rather you should aim to gradually pick up confidence a little at a time. Organize your practice sessions around boosting your confidence, and take pride in each good shot you hit, whether it is on the range or on the course. Not only will you be likely to play better when feeling confident, but golfing with confidence is simply more fun than the alternative. Good luck!