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When you head to the driving range to practice your game, what do you work on? If you are like most players, the mechanics of your swing get almost all of the attention. You probably work on your balance, tempo, grip, shoulder turn, swing plane and more. Each of those elements are important pieces of the puzzle and you would be smart to spend time improving them. However, there is another important piece that is overlooked by most amateur golfers – aim. Learning how to aim your shots properly, and then learning how to pick the right target for your shots, is a valuable skill. Only when you know how to aim correctly will all of the work that you have done on your swing mechanics start to pay off.

The physical act of aiming your golf club at the target you have picked out shouldn't be terribly difficult after just a little bit of practice. The important thing is that you aim the face of the club at the target line you have selected – which might not actually be the hole itself. Many golfers make the mistake of simply aiming their clubface at the hole automatically instead of thinking strategically about the ball flight they plan to use and where the safest spot to land the ball might be. By putting more time and effort into picking out a good target for your shots, you will give yourself a far better chance at success.

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