Best Way To Aim Your Ladies Hybrid Golf Club

Being able to aim your golf clubs correctly when out on the golf course is absolutely crucial for any golfer looking to shoot their lowest score. The more accurately that you aim your golf club and club face, the more accurately you will hit your golf ball at the target and the closer you are hitting the golf ball to the target, the fewer shots you are going to take.

To aim the club correctly before you take up your address position, stand directly back behind the golf ball and look out towards your target. Pick a specific target to hit the golf ball towards, this could be a branch on a tree for example, but pick a small and specific target. This will help you to focus well on that area and help you to become more accurate.

You have a specific target to aim for, draw a line in your mind from this target back to the golf ball and pick out a mark on the ground on this line about one to two inches forward of the ball. You are going to use this mark to aim your club face at. Place your club face next to the golf ball so that the face is making a right angle to the mark that you have selected on the ground.

Once you are aiming the club face correctly at this mark so that the golf ball will fly off the club face at a right angle to it and over the mark on the ground, place your feet together and so that if you extended the grooves on the club face towards your feet they would hit the middle of your feet when together. Ensure that your feet are parallel to the club face grooves when you do this and then split your feet left and right to take up your golf stance.

The club face is aimed correctly, as are you. If you struggle to aim your hybrids well when out on the golf course, then why not take a look at the Thomas Golf website. They have a patented club head alignment line on all of their hybrid golf clubs that makes them much easier to line up. The line on the top of the hybrid simply needs to point towards the mark you have selected on the ground and at your ultimate target and the club face is aimed correctly, allowing you to hit extremely accurate golf shots. Have a look as Thomas Golf have a huge variety of hybrids on offer to help you improve and enjoy your game more.