How To Aim The Head Of A Thomas Golf Senior Hybrid Club

If a senior golfer wants to add hybrid clubs to their bag, the Thomas Golf range should definitely be considered. Thomas Golf hybrids are some of the easiest to align to the target, essential for the senior to achieve consistent shots.

Many shots which fly offline are caused by poor alignment of the club and body, something which Thomas Golf hybrids are specifically designed to improve. Even a few degrees of misalignment at address can mean missing a target by many yards. Senior golfers need to establish correct alignment at address because poor alignment can lead to swing faults. Golfers who aim too far right or left of the target will subconsciously react and make alterations in their swing.

One of golf’s most common swing faults, coming ‘over the top’ with an out-to-in swing path, can often be traced back to poor alignment. After establishing the correct alignment, it is possible to swing through the ball with a sound swing path and produce straighter shots. Thomas Golf has come up with Shot Accuracy Technology which is positioned on top of the club. Thomas Golf has pushed the boundaries in hybrid design by not only creating long iron replacements but hybrids with lofts all the way through the bag.

How to Aim the head of a Thomas Golf senior hybrid club

1. Start from behind the ball locking on to the target.

2. Trace a line from the target back to the ball (this is the ball-to-target line).

3. Pick out something on the ground just in front of the ball which sits on the ball-to-target line (this could be a leaf or old divot, for example).

4. Move into the set up position and aim the club face at the intermediate target (this will ensure the club face is on the ball-to-target line).

5. This becomes simple with the Thomas Golf Hybrid because of the Shot Accuracy Technology on the club’s crown. All the senior golfer has to do is aim the line positioned on top of the hybrid at the intermediate target.

6. Then set the toes, knees, hips and shoulders at right angles to the club face and ball-to-target line (imagine the train track).

7. By using the Shot Alignment Technology, the senior golfer can feel more confident about where they are aiming the club and body.

Thomas Golf Technology

In designing their hybrid clubs, Thomas Golf have created a deep cavity with advanced perimeter weighting. This perimeter weighting created a higher moment of inertia (MOI) imparting more backspin on the ball and firing it into the air. This will help the ball fly up and away and also help with off centre hits.