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Video Transcript

As we’ve discuss previously, gripping the golf club, a really important part to a set of process. But if you will, a neutral grip of the golf club isn’t working for you and you still struggling in the swing, releasing weakly to the right hand side for the right handed golfer with a bit of cut, we can actually manipulate your gripping strength in your grip slightly just to encourage you better release through the golf ball.

First thing to understand is, what is a neutral grip look like? If I get my normal address position and posture to the golf ball and then relaxed my arms and hang them down and really shake them out, they’re perfectly relaxed. The way my hands hang there is natural and in neutral position. If I might place my hands onto the golf grip from that position, my left hand comes on, two knuckles visible on the top here. My right hand comes on neutral position, grips on top, the V-points over chin, that’s a pretty standard golf grip procedure to get that sort of position.

Now, a stronger grip is something that’s described as more to the right hand side for the right handed golfer than the neutral grip. So, the left hand would come on three knuckles. The right hand would start to take a little bit more underneath. Now, if I took that grip and then relax it back to my neutral position, you would see that both hands would turn slightly to the left hand side before they got back to neutral. That turning to the left hand side will actually won’t happen naturally in my golf swing. My hands would want to release like that during the swing.

If my hands can release from the stronger position towards the target, turning over, releasing the club with a stronger release. Sometimes a little bit faster in the release and it would also stop the ball drifting to the right hand side too much. If you’re slicing the golf ball and weakly hitting it to the right, a slightly stronger grip, turning the hands over to release them from a strong position, it might just encourage you little bit of penetrating and a little bit more of a draw and maybe a bit longer shots. Just be careful, don’t go too strong that you end up start hitting hooks, so a little experimentation with that stronger grip should really help you.