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For a lot of golfers, they’re going to try and hit the ball with a draw. So the draw is the shot that will start out to the right hand side of the target and move back on to the target for the right-handed golfer. And if we’re trying to hit that shot, we need to understand the components of what we can do as the golfer and certainly controlling the golf club to produce that ball flight.

So a ball that draws, the ball will generally set off in the direction that the club face is aiming and then the ball will generally move in flight away from the direction of the swing path. So we talked about a draw or something that starts right of target and then moves further to the left away from the swing path. So it starts right and move back to the left.

So the club face must be pointing right of target to get the ball to set off to the right and then it has to move away from the swing path that was even further right. So in that respect, we’ve got to have a clubface that’s aiming left in relation to the swing path. So we can control our swing path by swinging out to the right hand side and we hit out to the right. That’s going to get the ball to go down that right hand side if the clubface is aiming to the right. But if the clubface is aiming slightly more to the left down the path then we start to get the draw. So that clubface would need to be slightly close to path to produce the draw.

So one of the things we can use to help us close the face in relation to the path is actually changing the grip. So for a lot of golfers that have a slightly strong grip, a swing where the hands are slightly to the right of center on both hands. So we’re seeing maybe two and a half, three knuckles on the left hand and the right hand sits slightly down the right that might be classified as a strong grip. Not strong because the pressure is tight but strong because the position of the hands. Those hands are going to want to close that face very, very slightly during the swing therefore if the swing is to the right, the clubface is slightly closed, that ball can start to draw.

Now, we stress that the clubface should not be close to the target or close to the target line. If the face is close the target line, the ball start left and hook. So that might be the case of someone who’s got too strong a grip. If they got really strong grip, the clubface is close to target, the ball sets off left and then hooks further. So this is quite a subtle thing, but generally speaking, a stronger grip is going to help somebody produce a draw shot.