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Video Transcript

If you ever freeze-frame a good golfer at the impact position, you will see their impact position really looks quite dynamic. There is quite a lot going on as they strike the golf ball. So, as I set up and I’m going to move into my impact position, you are going to see this setup position here, the right foot is coming through, the right knee is coming forwards, the right hip is coming forwards, the left hip and left knee are working away backwards, the head’s still down, the shoulders are quite open, hands quite long away. So there is a lot going on that from the same position looking down the line here, this is going to look like the impact position.

So, if that’s the impact position, we know how important impact is. You’ve got to get to that impact position best you can. If that position is important, surely the address position is important as well and you would think that the address position would mirror the impact position and one of the things we saw that are impact, was the fact that the hips were quite well open at the point of impact here, my hips almost turns at a 45 degrees open to target and opening some more as I come round to a nice big finish position.

So, you would think you would stand to reason if my hips are open at impact, they should be open at setup, but that’s not really the case. It would look a bit dodgy, wouldn’t it? When we set up to the golf ball, we’re down this line here, if we set up in this position and the problem with this is this is not how we are going to generate power. The impact position is where the hips have turned, that’s releasing power. But they’ve released the power from a wound-up position where they created power and release the power all the way through.

So, the body has acutally effectively gone past the setup positon and turn through to the impact positon by the time you actually hit the ball, effectively the ball has hit the end the body has already well past. So, there is setup, turn back, pull down, the body is already at the setup position with the hips, but now we keep turning, keep turning, keep turning and impact is aiming well down the left-hand side. So, the impact position, the hips are open, but the setup positon the hips are square and stacked on top of the feet. The feet pointed target, the knees and the hips are all on line. So, the hips should be square at setup.