Bad Swing Golfer

Golf is unique in that you can play it your entire life, unlike some of the more physically demanding sports. While it may seem overwhelming trying to figure out all the subtle movements of a proper golf swing, the beginner tips laid out in this section will get you started on the right path.

While golf can be frustrating for beginners, you shouldn't get discouraged. No matter how much one plays, there are always areas to improve – even for professionals. Everyone has to start somewhere, but if you stick with it and put in the time to correct your game in the proper ways, then you will reap the benefits down the road.

Golf Practice

The driving or practice range is the best place to start. Here you can concentrate on the technical aspects of your golf swing, instead of worrying about slowing others down or looking for your ball on the course. You can hit dozens of golf balls, one after another, with the club of your choice, without distractions. Once you develop your game, you'll find the range a great place to cure any problems you may be having with your game. If you try to go straight to the golf course before spending some time learning and practicing, you're not going to enjoy the game. You'll quickly realize that golf is pretty complicated, which can be disheartening for newbies. The range is also a good place to start thinking about cause and effect of the golf swing. Even if you haven't yet taken lessons or done much research into the swing, as a beginner it is still good practice to start thinking about how your different swing motions can result in different shot trajectories.

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There are many instructional resources for beginning golfers and novices, including Golf Info Guide's vast collection of training videos. You might also consider lessons with a PGA professional. Most golf courses have pros with whom you can schedule private sessions or group clinics.

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