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Now if you wanted to hit perfectly crisp straight iron shots, one of the most fundamental parts of your address position is making sure your hands are correctly on the grip, when you are setting up to an iron if you get that grip position wrong, everything else in the whole swing is affected by that because your grip controls the club head your club head controls the starting direction of that ball so we’ve got to make sure the grip is perfect. As we setup to the golf ball here we’re going to take the front arm and we’re going to place the hand around about half an inch down from the top of the golf club. Where the golf iron, if you start to grip it too long here it looks like you’re trying to generate too much power at the sacrifice of any control, so start with the hand just half an inch down then look at that front hand and make sure you can make see two or two and half knuckles that would be what we’d class as a nice neutral front hand position.

The thumb and fore finger squeezed nicely together to create a V and that V should point at that rear shoulder. So your check point is here, half an inch two knuckles V points to the rear shoulder, the club is nicely relaxed and it’s held pronominally in the fingers, then we take the bottom hand and we place the bottom hand on the bottom of the grip and slide it up until it touches and then when the hand touches I would like you to swop those two fingers and swop positions so that’s an interlocking grip. An interlocking grip there I find as a coach, I find that’s the most common grip that people feel more comfortable with so as an interlocking grip. However personally I actually don’t play that grip I play an overlapping grip, I have one finger overlapped and just to me that feels better for me that’s the way I learnt as a kid and that’s how I keep gripping it.

Some people if they’ve got really big fingers or they struggle with arthritis and joint pain they are actually better off holding it as a baseball grip, so the fingers aren’t interlinking at all, the right hand or the bottom hand just sits below the top hand and the fingers are close together but not overlapped or interlocked. If you like the interlinking grip lets go for that, let’s talk about top hand now and place the thumb over the top there. So my left hand is underneath my right hand comes on top and squashes that from downwards. Now I’ve got another V, a V here between my bottom hand thumb and fore figure points above my chin, so this V to my rear shoulder this V interlocked over the top that V points over my chin. That’s a nice neutral grip both hands are in the club are holding onto the golf club in a neutral position. Now as I setup the last check point for my iron shot is grip pressure just make sure you’re not squeezing it.

I know sometimes you get a bit tense and a bit tight an you desperately want to hit your best shot but a lighter grip pressure will always benefit you, it allows the club to swing more freely allows the hands and arms to swing through nice and straight it generates more distance and more power in your golf shots and stops you getting too tense which can cause problems with a bad strike. So if you’ve got a nice grip on the club the rest of the swing will smoothly flow from the fact you’re not holding onto the golf club with too much tension.