Accelerate (verb): To move or go faster; increase in speed.

How to Create Acceleration through the Golf Ball A

Of course, you don’t need a dictionary to tell you what “accelerate” means. But it’s a helpful reminder that the golf club absolutely must accelerate through the hitting zone in order to produce long, accurate shots.

Amateurs, either through tentativeness or poor swing mechanics, often fail to achieve acceleration on the downswing. In fact, deceleration – where the club is actually slowing down through impact – is a common malady. Failure to accelerate not only robs you of distance, it prevents you from squaring the clubface and hitting shots on target.

How do you develop an accelerating swing? First, here’s how not to do it: by swinging harder with your arms. Many golfers make the mistake of lashing violently downward after finishing the backswing, which creates a multitude of problems. Instead, acceleration should be a natural by-product of the body’s “big muscles” – hips, mid-section and shoulders – working in sync.

That may sound complicated, but it’s really not. In fact, one of golf’s simplest drills is designed to generate swing acceleration – and you can do it in the comfort of your living room (provided there’s ample space to swing, of course):

Use “Whoosh Drill” to Hit Longer Drives (video)

Use “Whoosh Drill” to Hit Longer Drives (text)