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Video Transcript

It’s often difficult to get the feeling of how to accelerate at the bottom of the backswing. Using visual aid and using drills can be very, very helpful in helping to fix this. Now what I’ve done here is I’ve set up a very simple drill, it’s a very visual drill which involves maybe a little bit of a different alignment stick that you’ve seen, but you can get a little bit of paint or a little bit of tape to mimic this. Now what I’ve got here is this alignment stick is mimicking my through swing, my swing arc as it moves through the ball. It’s a little bit steep so I was pointing up to the sky a little bit too much but for the camera purposes it makes it a little bit easier to view.

Now you’ll notice here how I’ve got all white and then at the very top I’ve got this strip of yellow. Now what I’m going to use in this drill, I’m going to be using this alignment stick is that point of my swing is the fastest. So we would really slow the start of my downswing, building a gradual acceleration, and I want the fastest point of my swing to be up at this point here. So it’s getting yourself set up, it’s swinging through up to the top, slow transition and then trying to make sure that my acceleration point is at its fastest here. What this does is it delays the acceleration, it gives you a feeling from the top that it’s a very, very slow transition. In reality the fastest point of your swing wants to be about this point here. So this is a real exaggeration of how you want to be feeling as you move down throughout the ball.

And what you can do another great drill to actually move on from this, is stick some yellow tape at the top from example, some blue tape here, and some red tape here. And actually practice swing as you move through, swinging through and extending and kind of producing different speeds at different points in the through swing. But this specific drill is going through, slow transition, and then accelerating up to that point. If I had the middle into there, and then if I had the red at the bottom, just accelerating down and actually finding my peak speed at the bottom of the swing where it needs to be. But it’s a great drill to use. Have a little a bit of a play around with it, and try and vary where you produce your speed. It can give you great feedback and great insight into how you’re moving down into impact.