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Now here is a tip about finding the bottom of your golf swing. Now first you’ve got to understand why is that important? That is the important bit, everything else before, all these other stuff that I talk about. That’s all fluff and nonsense, if you can’t get that bit right because that’s where the ball is, that’s where the ball gets hit. Now the important thing to understand when we are talking about this, is the bottom of your arc is not at the ball, the bottom of the arc should be slightly after the golf ball. In fact the bottom of the arc is going to be about two to three inches after the golf ball and that’s where a nice divot should come from. So a divot would be four, five, six inches in length. And the divot should start at the ball and finish after the golf ball. If you take a divot and it’s even on one side and the other you’ve hit the ball fat. And if you don’t take a divot at all chances are you are on the skinny side of thinning a few as well. So a nice divot, certainly with a short iron would be four to six inches long, half an inch to an inch deep. But starting at the ball and finishing after it, so when we are setting up to this we don’t want to think about the club hitting the ground prior to the golf ball if that’s where your bottom of the arc is, you’re going to hit most shots in a fat and heavy position. So to establish the right position where we want to hit the ground here is a nice little exercise.

You take your setup and you just make a few little practice swings. And you just gently scuffing the ground and you noticing where about you’re hitting. Now if I lean back with my body weight you can start to hear and see that I’m hitting too far back that’s going to be a poor shot. As I start to move my body weight more forwards, certainly into my impact position where my chest is left of center, my right heel is up and turning with my hips, I’m now hitting the ground quite nicely just after the golf ball. In fact my divots starts on the ball and finishes well after the golf ball, there is the bottom of my arc that’s where I should be hitting the ball. But notice my body is not symmetrical for the impact position, my body is well left of center and that’s where my divots should be, that’s where my ball striking should be. Once I have done that drill a few times I can then set up and move towards the bottom of my arc of my stroke is my left side left, left and then I hit down. And you can see I hit the ground nicely after the golf ball and I take a nice chunk of turf, it’s much easier to focus on doing this drill when you’re actually outside doing it on quite short grass. And you cutting into the turf and you’re taking divots. So stick a line of golf balls on the floor and just work down that line trying to find the correct bottom of your arc of stroke. Remember the bottom of the arc is not the ball, its left of the ball for the right handed golfer.