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Here we’re going to look at what I would consider one of the hardest shots in golf. Now there nothing particularly awkward here, I’ve got myself a good line, the ball is sitting nicely on the flat, and I’ve got myself a 3wood. Now a 3wood of a tee might not seem that difficult but a 3wood of the deck could be clustered as your most difficult shot, because this is the longest and least lofted club you would normally use without a tee peg. The driver is longer and has less loft, but I’ve normally got, I want to put a great big height tee and it’s much bigger head. So this is a relatively small club head with a little loft and no tee peg to help me out. And it’s a shot that most shot that most golfers get a great satisfaction after hitting if they’ve got 200 yards or 250 yards to get down on a path four or knock it down on a path five. It’s a great shot to hit well, but if you top it and you scoff it then it rolls ten yards infront of you it can get so frustrating because all that stored up energy and power just produce nothing of a result.

It’s quite important we understand how the club is going to strike the ball. If you’ve got the ball on a tee peg you can strike on a slightly upwards angle. So similar to a drive you could have the ball forwards along way, little bit of body weights set back and sweep it up into the air. But when the ball is sitting in the ground with a 3wood, we need to be more downwards at the impact position or level at best. But we definitely can’t hit up, if the ball is on the ground you can hit from underneath. So we might play the 3wood of the deck a couple of inches further back from the left hill then we would have played it if it was on a tee.

I then set my body weight middle in my stand so I’m body weight 50-50 left and right I’m not learning back on this one. Make a nice smooth swing shifting into my left hand side, slightly hitting down on the ball scrapping the leaves of the grass. I’m not asking for a great big divot and [Indiscernible] [0:02:02] to fly up like you might do with an iron, but we definitely want to just get down there and bruise the surface of the grass, tear off a few leaves and fly the ball off nice and high. So to get that height exactly as we want just at the right level of the swing you‘ve got to work hard on a nice consistent spine angle.

If I set up from here I set up with a nice solid spine angle and to get back to the right height of impact my spine angle should be the same. Any raising or lowering of the spine angle during the swing is going to cause me problems with fatting or topping the golf ball. So if you’re struggling with your 3wood make sure you’ve got the correct ball position, the correct feeling that you’re going to sweep the ball and you’re going to hit it with a level or downwards rather than a scooping angle. And also make sure you’ve got a good consistence spine angle that’s not going to raise or lower too much during your swing. Practice hard with a 3wood but it is one of the hardest shots you’ll come across.