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Taking too deep in a divot, taking too aggressive of a divot can also be a problem for a lot of club golfers in a short game. So when they are using the shortest clubs chipping and pitching the ball onto the green, we know you should be taking a divot, but it needs to be the right size and the right shape and for a lot of amateur golfers, club golfers, the issue gets more frustrating with that short shots 25-30 yards out should just be a little pitch upon to the green and then just going down to the club into the ground and the ball gets no distance at all and that becomes very frustrating.

Two major issues with the shot as far as I can see, one is the fact that the golfer slows down into the ball, the other with overactive hands. So as a golfer, if we are hitting the ball with too much hand action, we are trying to flick the ball up into the air and scoop the ball up into the air. Quite often when we do that, the club will go downwards first and then trying to lift and flick the ball up into the sky, that’s going to be quite a bit of a concern particularly on these short shorts. The other area that I just mentioned that was slowing down into the ball. This is often because the golfer doesn’t want to hit the ball far but actually makes two bigger backswing and then has to what we class as decelerate.

So we got this little pitching shot here, we swing back too far, panic and then stop and as the club stops in the ground, we just take a very deep divot with no real follow through and the ball just pop slows but doesn’t go very far at all and that was purely because I had too much power panicked and slowed down and the ball gets popped forward about 25 paces but not the intended shot with far too deep and a steeper divot.

So if you are going to focus on the correct divot size and depth in all of your shots particularly focusing on your short game, making sure that you are not making any of those carnal errors this in the short game, hopefully, taking a divot will be a positive thing rather than negative thing for your golf.