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One very interesting but also quite harder drill to do is to find your correct grip pressure by only hitting shots with one hand. It's hard because when you hit shots with only one hand, you want to try and grip on harder for more control. But it is having the discipline to keep that nice, relaxed grip pressure, swinging it back and through without tensing up and without speeding up. This works best when you have that grip pressure normally using the one to five scale of about three for me is taking it back with the shoulders and moving it through and just trying to rotate the body, not trying to hit at the ball with one hand. So it’s taking it back and through using the body rotations and just trying to keep the grip pressure as constant as possible throughout the whole technique.

Getting with one hand it can – it can be interesting. You can certainly hit some funny shots. But it’s not the point that you're hitting amazing shot after amazing shot. It's just that you are gripping the club with the same amount of pressure and you're not tensing up as you hit. So have a go with this and my expectations are not high. [Indiscernible] [0:01:29] this drill for a while. We're going to give it a go. So we’re getting set up, back and through, a horrible fat. Oh well it worked in the way that I didn't actually tense up my grip as I came through. Maybe I should have tensed it up a little bit more. However using this drill, it will really give you a sensation of how tight you are gripping it throughout the swing. Because you’ll focus on your hand as you are doing it as well, you'll really get the sensation of where it’s at. If you can finish the technique with the same grip pressure from which you started, that will be a successful drill. No matter if it’s a horrible one.