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Now how can you stop the ball curving in flight? Question I get asked a huge amount. Hit the ball nicely down the middle, “Pete, Pete why did it go over that way, why did it curve over that way?” I think the important thing to understand to be able to stop it curving is why is it curving in the first place? And probably the easiest explanation for this is if you watch somebody kicking a soccer ball particularly somebody taking a free kick and I would often refer back to Beckham.

I play golf in Manchester, I work in Manchester David Beckham is a legend of soccer in Manchester. And whenever he kicks the football particularly with his free kick it has curve, it has spin and the way he creates that, is the same reason why golfers create it either deliberately or inadvertently. What's happening is that the foot of the footballer is traveling in a direction that is not the same as the angle that they are kicking with.

So for a footballer kicking a ball, Beckham for example he’s kicking his foot to the right of the target, but the angle of his foot is more left than the path. So the path is to the right hand goal post for example, the foot is to the left hand goal for example, and the ball will now start to curve it will move from right to left.

And more commonly seen as golfers would be a footballer that kicks it with the wrong side of his foot, so he kicks it across this way, foot is travelling left, foot angle is pointing right and that ball would look like a slice. So if we can appreciate how that happens that happens in a golf swing, the path of the swing and the face angle are not lined up together. One is more left, one is more right; as the club impacts the ball it creates some spin.

Now we call it side spin but a golf ball doesn’t necessarily spin sideways it always got a degree of backspin. So basically it’s the backspin but it’s slightly tilted the axis is tilted. Now if you can think of an aero plane when it tilts its axis it goes around corners the aero plane curves around corners. And that’s the same dynamics from physics that’s happening to a golf ball.

So simply put to stop the ball curving so much we need to try and get the path of the club and the face angle of the golf club travelling in a more similar direction. The less distance there is between the path and the face numbers the straighter we are going to see the golf ball fly. So if you have got a big issue with the ball setting off down the left hand side and curving round to the right your path is a long way left your face is probably left but not so aggressively left so there is a difference we call an open face and the ball now starts to curve from left to right for the right handed golfer should I say.

And likewise a draw spin is the path traveling to the right the clubface aiming more left and we’ve got the ball drawling or hooking back in, the opposite direction. So you really need to work hard on trying to create a path and a face position that are moving in more similar direction and if you can achieve that, the ball will start to curve less and you will hit straighter golf shots.