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Being able to hit really effective 3 wood is crucial for any lady golfer, as most lady golfers have a lower swing speed, so we don’t hit the ball as far as men do. So once we've hit the tee shot, being able to hit a good 3 Wood can really make the difference between whether you’ll hit the green and two or not. And on those par-5 whether you’ll hit the green in three. So let's look at how to hit that 3 wood effectively. We're going to set up so that we've got the ball just inside the left heel now this is absolutely crucial to get the ball position in the correct place. There's not a lot of loft on the club face of your 3 wood depending on what loft you do have it can be anything between 13 degrees for strong 3 wood or up to 18 degrees for weaker 3 wood. So you've only got a limited amount of loft and of face angle to get the ball into the air. So crucial to place the ball at the correct points of the movement of the club head or the swing arc. And we need to get it at the bottom of that swing arc so that you make sure that you catch the ball just at the bottom of the swing arc presenting all of the maximum and available loft to get that ball airborne. If you play the ball back in the stance too much, you'll deal off the club and you'll just hit straight in to the floor, and if the ball's too far forward you'll top it. So crucial to get the ball, about an inch inside that left heel.

Okay, place the club next to the club head next to the ball and now place your hand on the handle so that you're hands are over the face of that golf club. So don’t want to have your hands forward because they'll deal off the club again. So placing your hands in this position, you know got all the loft available to get the ball in the air and just place so that your head is to the right of your hands your nose is just to the right of that golf ball. Take your feet, stand width up so you're shoulder width apart you're going to make a very fast movement with this club head with this longer shafting club so it's really important that the club head speed that you do generate, that the width of your feet and the base of your swing is able to cope with all that speed.

So shoulder width apart with those feet. As you swing back, you'll be slightly on your right side and because you're slightly on your right side it would help you to swing the club head away from the ball, nice and low to the floor so you turn your shoulders and make a very gentle swing plane action. So you're not up in the air, you're not picking the club head up, really using the arms, just sweep the club head over the grass and round you as you turn and very important now as you swing back and you make a sweeping action back in to the ball where you can just collected the ball off the turf without hitting down on to it. So sweeping action is what we want. So ball position an inch inside the left hell, hands over the club face, nose just to the right of the ball, work on sweeping the club away and through the shaft. And then just really hold to finish, so you've got a good balanced finish. And that’s how to hit a 3 wood effectively, you'll start to get a lot more distance and you'll find it really make a difference to your golf game.