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How can you make more comeback putts? Now this is a crucial tip because if you’re leaving yourself comeback putts, and then you’re missing them, effectively you’re making a three putt on you possibly even a four putt. So it’s really important we focus hard on how we can get that second putt back in. Now two issues to work on here: first this is don’t leave the comeback putt too far away, if I’m putting down to this hole here, and I get too aggressive with my first putt, and I’m knocking it and it’s rolling, sort of three or four foot past, that could be quite a difficult comeback putt. But if I have done that and I have over hit it slightly and its rolled too far past, one of the really good things I want you to be careful of doing, is when you’ve hit that I want you to watch it roll past the hole, because once its rolling past the hole, its rolling on the grass that I’m now going to have to putt back along. So if I’ve hit a putt and its gone past the hole, and then it really curves a long way, I now know that when I go back to play that putt, I’ve already read the green I’ve already seen the ball rolling on the surface I know how it’s going to break.

If I hit that putt, and it rolls past the hole, and it goes on a straight line, that’s fine I know it’s straight so I can go around turn around and knock it straight back into the middle. What we often see people do on these comeback putts, is they hit the putt and the second it misses they turn away in disgust and they walk away and they are not watching what the putt’s doing, everyone was blind to it then they go and look it up, and then they have to read the green again afresh. But if you’ve got a chance to see a ball rolling on the surface that you’re about to putt on, that has to be a huge advantage to you. So two things to focus on, firstly, don’t be so aggressive that you leave yourself with loads of really long comeback putts in the first instance. Then when this ball rolls past the edge of the hole and you’ve missed don’t turn away in disgust but keep looking at the putt, watch how it breaks and then use that as a good read for the putt coming back. One last little tip on the comeback putt: be positive, don’t be too defensive just because this putt was too fast, don’t go round there and then dolly it and leave it short that’s the worst way to make a comeback miss. So you follow those tips and see if you can improve, and hole a few more comeback putts.