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Video Transcript

Players who have a very dominant right hand during the golf swing will generally find that they’re trying to control the golf shot so much. If you have a very strong right hand and if you grip on to the club as hard as you can with the right hand to try and force the ball on the line that you want it to, generally speaking that is a recipe for disaster. There are not many players in the world who grip on to the club extremely tightly and play good golf. It is much easier if you can convince yourself to try and give up a little bit control to try and gain a little bit of control. Now there’s a few simple drills that you can use to really see if this will work for you. If you get a couple of balls across a driving range, and you can do this with pretty much any issue associated with grip pressure. But if you get yourself set up, and you take a grip, and you grip on as tightly as you can with your right hand.

So grip on very, very tight. On a scale of one to 10, 10 being the tightest, one being the lightest, you get it up around that 10 area. So hold on to the club super, super tight with the right hand, and then just click a shot away. Now to me, that swing felt stiff, it felt stilted, it felt very, very hard to actually get any kind of flow and rhythm to the shot. Now what I’m going to do and what I want you guys to do is drag across another ball. And what I want you to feel like is on the scale of one to 10, the left hand is about the three or a four, and the right hand is about a one or a two. So you’re really relaxing that right hand down. And you can even feel that the left hand is gripping on slightly tighter. And then from there it’s the same swing. Now that straightaway to me felt a lot, lot smoother. Because what I really want is I want my hands to be adding power, but I want them to adding power by keeping them relaxed. I don’t want to be trying to force the issue.

So if you are struggling use this drill. Try and give up that control to gain a little bit of control, and hopefully you will see the differences between what you can have with a nice relaxed grip, a unified grip rather than a strong dominant right-hand swing.