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Video Transcript

I’ll just make something up. This is a great drill to help you improve your putting stroke. It’s called a gate drill. You can use six golf balls which we’ve done here to create a gate to swing the putter throw. Or similarly you could use tee pads. What you want to do is set three of the balls on to the far side of the target line and three of the balls on to the inside of the target line. Set them just wide enough to allow the putter so that -- hard to swing through the balls without catching them. Now what this is going to do for you is to start with it, it’s going to help you get the ball more off the centre of the of the putter face. Because if you swing the putter, and then you return the putter closer to the heel, you’ll hit the balls on the far side and similarly if you return the putter so the balls strikes closer to the toe you’ll --- you’ll hit the inside ball. So it really will help you get the ball much more off the swings – the swing spot.

The second thing that it will do for you is it will really improve your swing path. So that’s a direction that you move in the putter head in as you strike the ball. If you swing in the putter straight down the target line and then strike through on the target line. All you’ve got to do is maintain your putter face point it down the target line and you’ll hit a straight putt. If you are not swinging straight back and straight through, you’ll hit the balls on either side of the gate depending on how you’ve swung the putter. So if you take the putter outside the line, you’ll hit those balls or if you take it inside you’ll hit these balls. So you got a lot of feedback to let you know what’s going on within your putting strike. So create the gate drill, the three balls on the far side, the three balls on the near side and then all you want to do is work on swinging the putter, straight back and straight through. It will get you hitting a much straighter put, you’ll hold a lot more putts and that will give you all the feedback you need when you haven’t hold the putt.