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During this section, I'm going to cover shots that are going to be called hook shots. Balls that move from right to left in the air and those on how we can cure your hook with some drills to follow.
A lot of people kind of misunderstand what a hook is. Now classically described, a hook should start right of target and then move from right to left for right handed golfer. So a hook would start right of target and finish too far to the left. Generally other wouldn't be classed as a good shot. You got different variations of a hook as well. You got a straight hook which starts straight and finishes too the far left. And also pull hook, pulled left and turns further left. So if we just bracket hook shots, straight hooks and pull hooks, as balls that move from right to the left too much.

Well, other people think that, well, is that a draw shot. But a draw shot should finish on the target. A draw shot similar to a fade shot would have to have a good result for it really to be called a draw or a fade. A lot of times people just think of a draw as a posh hook. It’s just slightly better than a hook. But actually, a draw is a different shot altogether. It lands on the target and it’s good. So a hook shot is something that moves right to left and is not a good shot. And if you have been struggling with hook shots, you might feel that the ball goes quite low and sometimes the ball even goes too far. And that would happen because instead of having the club face pointing where you want the ball to go, the club face would be pointing too much to the left hand side of where you want the ball to go.
So the club face rolls over a little bit. It’s actually now in a closed position and it has little loft on it. So your pitching wedge could close down ended looking like a nine or an eight nine and it would go too far low and left. So anything that is right to left in flight finishing too far down to the left hand side going quite low and going quite a long way would often be called a hook shot. Watch the next section of these drills and hopefully we can help cure your hook shots.