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So what’s the perfect amount of sand for the perfect golf bunker shot? We can break this down as the two parts. Because we can have a look at how much sand should we hit before the ball and how much sand should we hit after the golf ball? Now I’m a believer that in bunkers less in more. A lots sort of talked about you’ve got to hit down, you’ve got to take a lot of sand, you’ve got to blast thing out. And while that leads to generally for most golfers, is they take too much sand and they use too much power. So you see a golfer gouging the ball out here, six inches of sand before, six inches of sand after, two inches below the ball; the whole slab of sand come out onto the green and the ball might be in that, in that big wedge of sand. But I think that’s too much sand for the perfect bunker shot. So like I said, less is more.

For me perfect bunker shot would be about two inches of sand before the ball and about four or five inches of sand after the golf ball. But not too deep; only to a depth of about half an inch in a relatively soft sanded bunker. So we’re not gouging masses and masses of sand out on either side of the ball. A couple of inches behind; three four or five inches after using the bout and using the loft to play a nice bunker shot.

So I’m aiming here, I’m aiming down the left side of my feet, the right side with the club, aiming to hit about here and trying and get the club to come out about this size. So two inches before, four or five inches after, and if we can splash the ball out there, the ball comes out and runs down the back of he bunker there towards the flag. And if we look at divot here, I’ll be honest with you; I took an inch early maybe that’s why the ball is coming out six feet short of the flag. So there’s an inch early on this side and therefore, an inch before the line on this side. So my whole divot was just an inch further back than it should have been.

But in terms of the total amount of sand I took, I took the right depth, I took the right size, the right shape, I just took it a fraction before. But practice taking some bunker shots where you don’t actually have a ball, but where you just hit the sand. And you can just feel how the club brushes into the surface and takes the right depth of divot. If you’re digging down and you’re taking too big a divot too deep too long; that’s not really going to produce that perfect soft bunker shot that you like. So two inches before, four inches after, half an inch deep, that’s the perfect amount of sand for a perfect bunker shot.