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Video Transcript

So how can you stop thinning and fatting the ball? Well I presume as you watch this you might know what they are, but just in case you don’t know, a thin is when the club comes in and actually catches the ball half way up, so we actually hit the ball on the equator, so we hit it there that’s called the thin. And when we catch a shot that is fatt, is where we catch the ground behind the ball before we make it. So a thin is half way up and a fatt is hitting behind it. The biggest cause of this is the wrist being too flimsy, being too wristy. So if you can imagine if I set myself up here and I take the club back and my wrist -- by making my wrist flimsy. You can see actually you club behind here where my club started here. If I went back and my wrist coupe too much, now the club has come much too high and I’ve caught the top half of the ball so we say a thin so thins and fats very, very, wristy that causes a major problem. So now you know what causes it, how do you get rid of it? Well the set up should be clubface behind the ball feet apart; ball positioned here in the middle for a seven iron and eight; iron wedge that category is there. So as I got seven; iron in my hand lets put it in the middle, put my hands on and keeping my hands slightly forward at address.

Now one of the biggest; reason why people get wristy, is because they tend to have their hands here. Level, now if you can see this is a massive big kink in my back of my left hand. And if I was to keep myself in this position here and my hands behind the ball, then just a much of the impact my hands will come in behind the ball. To come in behind the ball you kind of have a catch here or here. So you hopefully you can think, well I don’t understand that. So if I keep my hands in front, it sets your right, now let’s focus on keeping my hands in front, lets set the club back to the letter L keeping my left hand straight, left hand straight. Let’s spread my hands, my wrists, let’s do that again. Push away with my left arm, push away, push away now hinge my wrist, so that’s the position I should be in and as I come back down, I want to maintain the left arm position and make sure it impact and my hands are still in the front. Remember the thinning and the fatting shot came through out of my hand behind the ball not in front which is normally through being in this position.

So keep your hands forward for that position, let’s get to the letter L, letter L hitting down the base of the ball, the club has done the job there and I’ve gotten the shot that I want. So it’s very, very simple so you now know what caused the problem, but more important lets not focus on what you used to do, let’s focus on what you have to do. Very simple, change the way that you settle with your hands forward and lets get this position here, left arm and the wrist hinging that position the letter L and from that focus on hitting down and through so from here down and through and that impact those hands should be more here where before you were there. So now you have the remedy, go out and put it into good practice.