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Video Transcript

How can deep breathing help improve your golf? This is one of the things that when you look at the world best players, you think “Well, if it’s good enough for them, it must be good enough for me in a Saturday morning medal competition.” You see the world’s best players they step behind the ball, they are lining it up, and their shoulders start going up and down. You think “What’s he doing there? Is he loosening, he is shouldering up?” He is taking some deep breaths, he’s looking down the line, he’s assessing his shot and he is just having a little nice deep breathe there. And that’s helping him relax; bring the heart rate down, loosen up the shoulders a little bit. And as he sets up to the ball then, he’s got a little bit more focus to be able to concentrate on producing the correct shot, particularly if you’re under pressure.

If you’re under pressure next time on the golf course and you’re looking at little tricky four-footer to win the match, just think how fast your heart rate is going. And even though it’s not a strenuous sport, you’ll feel your heart rate really going quickly. If you can just step back a little bit away from the ball, and as you’re lining everything up, just a couple of nice, big, relaxing deep breaths. Then as you line up to the ball, you’ve actually got a better chance of making a nice smooth stroke.

You’re not going to get too tense in your shoulders, you are not going to get too tense in the hands and the arms, be a little bit smoother and roll one down there and see if you can knock that putt in. Taking those deep breaths will help you relax, help you focus and help you concentrate on the right things, rather than the pressurized things next time you are under pressure on the golf course.