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Now a deep faced golf driver, that’s going to be a club that we describe as having a deeper profile. So the sole of the club to the crown of the golf club is deeper. Now one thing you got to consider with a deep faced driver is the maximum volume of a club head is set by legal limit 460cc, 460 cubic centimeters. So the overall size of a golf club can’t get bigger, but what you can do is change the shape, so you make a golf club that is deeper here and then shallower or shorter and smaller at the back, the overall size still stays at 460, but you have a deeper club face. Now the advantage of a deeper club face is simply a bigger hitting area, is like me offering you a double sized tennis racket you’d have more chance of hitting the ball. So if you are a golfer that struggles to consistently strike the golf ball particularly if your inconsistency is skiing the ball or topping the golf ball having a deeper face is inherently going to give you a little bit of an advantage. So when we have a deep faced driver, we’d start by teeing the ball up a little bit, we want to tee the ball nice and high because we’ve got a lot of height to aim for. So we want to try and get the ball so it crests above the top of the golf club, so you have it sitting just above the top.

Now normally we would suggest about half the ball, above the top, but actually if you’re a golfer that struggles with skiing the ball, sky this where you go under it, it hits the top of the clubface and pops up in the air, we call that a sky shot sometimes it would even leave a mark on the crest of the golf club. If you are a golfer that struggles with skiing it, deep faced driver is good, but don’t tee it too high because if you tee it too high, and dig down underneath it you are still going to sky it. So get it so it is set positioned here maybe a third of the golf ball above the top of the crown of the club, and to make sure you are setting it at the same height every time, just use a set height castle tee. So like a castle tee with a flange at the bottom stick it in the floor you always know it is the same height, then your deep faced driver gets positioned behind the back of the ball and you’re pretty good to go. We’d want to have the ball positioned nicely at the front of the stunts and again that stops you digging down into the golf ball. So the ball is at the front of the stance nice big high tee, little body tilt to the right hand side to stop you digging down and now that deep faced is looking quite inviting you should be much more consistent at hitting your shots particularly if you were struggling with hitting the top, or hitting the bottom of the clubface. That’s why a deep faced driver can help improve your game.