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Video Transcript

Now if you’ve ever played any ball sports in the past, any coach or anyone that’s ever tried to help you playing a ball sport, even your parents when you were a kid would have undoubtedly told you, keep your eye on the golf ball. And it’s a fundamental principle in most ball sports.

I mean golf is a bit different because that ball doesn’t move, so surely I’ll be able to hit a ball without looking at it. It’s been there for me. It’s been there for 20 years. That ball has never once moved in 20 years of playing the game, it’s always been there. But you try closing your eyes and hitting that and it’s almost impossible. You lose your perception of where the ball is. You lose whether you’ve moved up or down or left or right.

So, even in golf, even though the golf ball doesn’t move, it’s still vitally important that you keep your eyes right down on the golf ball. That doesn’t mean keeping your head down stuck down like this. Still stand up nice and tall, create good posture. It’s actually a bit better as well if you can look at the back of the golf ball because to all intents and purposes, that’s the bit you’re going to hit. So we want you to hit down at the right point at the back of the golf ball.

One of the faults I often see with club golfers is they look at the ball but they look at the top of the ball because that’s the nearest bit to them, that’s the bit you could see. But you don’t want to hit the top of the ball. You want to hit kind of the back side or maybe slightly under the golf ball. You can’t see under the ball so we picked the next best fit, the furthest point on this right hand or back side of the golf ball that I can see.

Now quite a good way of checking this and making sure you can practice this is actually to mark the ball or position something at the right point. So if I just simply take a letter off this, I’m going to take the A off the writing on my golf ball here, position the A right at the back of the golf ball so I can still see it, then set myself up and then go ahead and make my swing staring at the A the whole time until it’s disappeared. That’s the bit of the golf ball I’m trying to hit and I know that way is going to keep my eyes nice and level, nicely down on the golf ball the whole time.

So as I take my setup, I’m staring at the A. I’m going to keep looking at that the whole time, keeps my eyes down low at the back of the golf ball. That’s the bit I’m trying to hit. That will improve my consistency and my stroke.