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Video Transcript

Now, here’s a really good golf drill exercise for striking the golf ball better and particularly avoiding a scooping action. Anytime you have a scooping action where the club head scoops up through impact and you’re flicking the ball into the air. You will really damage the quality of the strike you can get.

As I setup to the golf ball, pitch it that it’s aligned between the golf ball and my front shoulder. So the shaft points up here. This can point up here. You got to try this yourself. Just get yourself an alignment stick or something similar point it from the golf ball to your left shoulder and imagine that is a finishing line of a race.

So there’s a race happening during my down swing and the race is between the hands or the handle end of the golf club and the club head.

Now, I desperately want my handle, my hands to win the race to cross the finishing line first before the club head gets to the gold ball in the finishing. If my club head is to win the race and get here first and cross the finishing line, and chances I’m going to strike that golf ball badly particularly if it’s not a particularly good line. Maybe just on the tee peg, you could scoop it up into the air but you don’t want to be thinking about that at all. So imagine there is your finishing line golf ball to front shoulder. Your hands have got to win that race and get across that line first.

So if you try that now with a proper swing there’s my finishing line from here down to the front shoulder to golf ball and my hand should be winning the race there to get a good strike. If the club head wins the race, chances are you’re scooping the ball, you’re going to notice you’re hitting it fat and taking a dig it first. So if I can hit this golf ball and stop through the impact area, my hands would have win the race, cross the finishing line first anytime the club head wins the race, you probably scooped it, hit it fat, possibly even head it left as well. So think about that nice mentally majoring when you’re practicing. Finishing lined on the front side, let your hands and the handle of the golf club win the race and beat the club head. So it’s hold the lag angle, push it passed the finishing line, strike the ball better. Practice on that on the driving range and that will crisp up your ball striking brilliantly.