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Video Transcript

One overlooked factor when you are building a nice solid golf stance is the amount of confidence that you can then build from that point. It is one of those things that if you are building something on a shaky foundation, you are never quite a 100% sure when it’s all going to be falling down. You see, time and time again, with players when they are swinging about the over balance they are falling off they are letting go the club so that they don’t fall over in some cases. This is a case of not having that sound structure at the beginning of the setup. If you can get your feet and your body in the correct position, you can draw a lot of confidence from that point.

Now if you want an example of this, if you want an example of how you can draw confidence, from a very, very stable base and a very, very sound technical position with your feet? If you go out on to the golf course and you do the reverse of the things that we spoke in about within this video. So when you are getting setup for a drive, pop your feet together as close as they can be and put the ball a little bit further back in your stance. If you are here in wedge shot, get very wide stance and put the ball position at the very front of your stance as well. Use that and see how successful that you are when you are on the golf course.

Now those are quite extreme examples, those positions will probably produce bad golf shots when you are on the course. However, what we are talking about here is when you are on the golf course, you will stand into the ball, but the position is, ball position is slightly further back or the stance is slightly too narrow or slightly too wide. It’s these degrees of differences, this slight variabilities which we are going to cause you to hit bad shots on the course. If you manage to nail down the stance, build it strong from the base, you will be able to draw a lot more confidence from these positions when you are out on the golf course.