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When we look at iconic golfers, golfers who seem to expand the sport and the generation of really great players, you got a golfer like Fred Couples. 1992 Masters Champion, but still actually playing great golf well into the 2000s, particularly when he goes back to that Masters Tournament; Freddy boom, boom Couples. One of those recognizable players, most recognizable swings in the game; lovely big smooth tempo, massively long golf swing produces incredible distance; but one of the most recognizable things about Couple swings when you look in detail is the fact that he doesn’t actually aim at the target. He is actually aiming quite a long way left of target.

Now golf coaches like myself bang on all day long about how important it is aim at target. So how does one of the most successful players of a generation aim kind of nowhere near the target really. Couple use what we class as a very open stance. So he aims quite a long way left of target for the right handed golfer. And when he talks about aiming left it's not just his toes, it's the knees, the hips the shoulders, the whole golf swing will aim down the left hand side of target. So my target line here up in the distance and Couples is aiming quite a long way to the left. That will encourage the golf club to go quite a long way out to the right.

So from there that was like an outside takeaway. It isn't, it's just that I'm aiming to that side. So when I'm aiming to the left the club will come out to the right, come back across the golf ball. Now for Couples we know it works. He hits the shape of shot that he is encouraging the ball to start on the left hand side and cut back into the center a little bit. Now a lot of club golfers would think that aiming down the left hand side and compensating for their mistakes might be something that we would frown up; but actually when we've got a good golfer like Couples as a role model somebody that we can look up to we think, well how does he get away with it.

So, in these next few video tips I'm going to explain should you be aiming down the left hand side, can it work for your game and how can aiming down the left side like Freddy Couples benefit the way you play.