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Video Transcript

Second part now. We’re looking at why the block shot is a problem and how it’s often caused. It’s often a problem when you take the club back away from the ball. But if you take the golf club too far inside the desired target line or inside the desired swing path line, the club will then return on that path, too much from the inside line. Driving this golf ball too far to the right and if the club face is level up or perpendicular to your swing path or even open to your swing path, this golf ball isn’t going to come back from that right hand side. For you to draw the golf ball, the club face would need to be closed to the path and if that isn’t the case, you’re going to block the ball.

So let’s just be careful that when you take the club away from the ball, but it’s nicely turned back on a one plain movement or a one piece movement, so the club head sits level with the hands and it isn’t whipped away inside. It’s often a problem when the hands get too involved and rotate and we don’t get the body turning in synchronization as we would like. Therefore, on the down swing, the body spins out, the hips get a head start on the shoulders, you’re too much from the inside line with an open club face to the path and the ball is going to stay right hand side.

Here’s a little exercise for you. If you bring the club head in here the club head cover in here and just fold it up onto the floor and I want to get the feeling that as I take the club back, I’m going to push that club head away even that’s on a straight line back rather than sort of swing inside it, so if my good address position, I would push my club head cover away and then drive into the golf ball, and just by pushing something away, because it’s low and it’s on the floor right here that should encourage me to take a nice wide, slow one piece take away movement rather than whipping the club too much on the inside, and if I can get my back swing on line, my bounce swing should be a little bit more synchronized, keeping that on line rather than dropping that one too much on the inside line causing too many of those blocks and block slices and hopefully, if you can work on that, you can get back to joining the golf ball again.