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A pull slice is probably one of the most commonly seen golf shots on any Saturday morning on a local Golf Course. By definition a pull slice is a shot that will set off left of the target line for the right handed golfer, but finish wildly right of the target line. A lot of people just call that a slice but as a definition it’s left of target line first finishing right, is a pull slice. And it’s caused by a swing path that is very much to the left, and the club face that is slightly more to the right down the path. But the club face could probably still be closed to the target, but it’s just open to the path. So your swing is very much out to in and your face is open to that path. So if in this angle, I’ll just bring my golf ball over, I’ll be swinging from out to in and the face would then be open to that line. And that’s setting the ball off down the left hand side imparting a lot of clockwise spin and the ball will finish cutting away high and probably to the right hand side.

So if we look at why that’s happening, the first consideration would probably just be alignments, just makes sure that you’re not setting up down that left hand side too aggressively, ‘cause that would impart the swing path going down the left hand side, so initially just check on really good solid alignment. To make sure that you’re not casting the golf club over the top too early, just make sure that your shoulders aren’t leading the down swing too fast, so if I take it to the top, then my first movement is to spin my shoulders, the club will come over the top. Now I’m going to hit from outside. So we’d like to work hard on making sure the hips drop the club on the inside, then the club can come down, and I can attack more from the inside path. I feel like I’m actually hitting more right, which when you’re finishing your pull slice shot down the right hand side, hitting right can feel quite awkward, but I promise you, it will actually help you get the club into the right position for a good solid contact as long as you then rotate the club face a little bit. So we’re going to be hitting out to the right rotating the club face a little bit.

One more issue that might be resulting in a pull slice would be having a ball position too far forwards. So if I take a ball and place it past my little toe on my left foot, chances are I have to stretch out and reach for that ball, I swing too much from the outside, across my body, don’t release my hands well enough, and it’s a pull slice. So I’ll be playing the ball a little bit more from the inside of my left in step, that’s a decent position, I can reach that fine, from the top make sure you lead with the hips, bring the club down on the inside line, and then release the hands better and that should help you reduce your pull slices.