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Obviously when you ask most people what the best type of golf shelter hit is, is generally going to be sort of the draw shot. A right to left for the right hander is the preferred shape moving from right to left down the fairway, particularly, nice to see when you hit a driver. But most people that manage that draw shot from right to left, they’re often played by one particularly bad shot which is a block or sometimes even a push blocked slice. Something that starts off right of the fairway, goes right of the fairway, and cuts even further. Then that shot is actually caused by the very same swing that can cause your draw shot, but just with a slightly misaligned and mistimed club face position. So if you’re trying to draw the golf ball, you’re probably trying to get the golf club to come slightly from the inside the line and bringing the club down on the inside line is a good thing. But if you then have the club face open to that swing path, the ball will start right and it will move further right, and that’s going to get you into trouble.

If you’ve got the club coming down on an inside line with a square club face, square to the path, that’s a bit of a block, close to the path, you’ll start to draw the golf ball and curve the ball from right to left as you want. But if you get this position where you’re trying to draw the golf ball, but instead you’re getting pushy and blocks and slices or block slices from that position, we’ve got to question whether the club face and the body is synced up together. We’ll also got a question whether your ball position is correct.

If you’re driving the golf ball and we have the ball positioned too far back, you’re simply not allowing the club face enough time to square itself up to the path or square itself up to the target line. It would generally be in an open position at this point if the ball position is too far back leaving the ball away to the right hand side. So check that your ball position with your driver is nicely up to your front side.

Then another problem with the block shot is when people turn out of the shot too quickly or sliding to the ball too quickly. Sliding into the golf ball, drops the club too much on the inside line behind them, the club face can’t square up and it’s pushed away down the right hand side as a pusher or push slice.

So here’s a little exercise for you. You set your feet up around about one foot width apart and just practice hitting golf balls like this. By having your feet nearer together, you’ll generally make the hips stop sliding quite so much and start rotating a little bit more just helping you balance and synchronize every movement now. So the hips, the chest, the shoulders, the hands and the arms will all get a bit more synchronized in their rotational movements rather than this very aggressive slide and recover action that you might be using to draw the golf ball. We want everything to be nicely working in unison.

So if you’re blocking the golf ball and a blocker, a block slice is right, going further right, instead of right to left as the draw that you would like consider ball position, consider an unsynched down swing where the face is open to the path and we want to try and get everything turning through a little bit better. Feet one foot width apart, practice swings like that, just hitting little sort of half speed drivers and then gradually, build that up and just be conscious to everything turns through together to produce a solid impact position to get you back to hitting that excellent draw shot.