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Video Transcript

Now you may have watched golf for a while, you may have read a little bit about the game and you may have heard people talking about a straight back straight through putting motion. But as hard as you’ve tried, whenever you’ve hit putts you’ve always seen your club come round your body and a little bit of a gated sort of action. It may be worth just to explaining that that isn’t the end of the world, sometimes that could actually work quite nicely for you. Now, we don’t want to exaggerate that gaited action too much. I’ve got a line here on the edge of the mat I could pop my club on there and you can see how that curves around.

Now if I just let my hands and arms turn and release, the club releases around that curve. So it’s a slightly different action to the sort of Steve Striker high wrist’s straight-back-straight through. This is sort of hands a little bit lower and a little bit more of a curve to the stroke. Now it might be worth investigating whether the putter that you have is particularly designed for the curving arcing action or the straight back and straight through.

So you might just investigate, book in with a PGA club fitter or a PGA professional for a lesson just to work out which way the putter should be swinging with your natural stroke. But if I set up here to this ball, I’d like to use my hands to just bring the club back and release through slightly, let my forearms turn to target. If I push straight through this way, high left elbow and high left wrist, that club face isn’t rotating over, that would be more of a straight-back-straight through but slightly lower hands and letting the forearms just turn over would keep the club face square to the path’s it’s swinging on. So as a swing starts to pull left, the face starts to point a little bit left as well. Doesn’t mean you’re always going to miss your puts because when you hit it, the face is traveling a straight with a square face. So it might be helpful for you if you want to have an arcing stroke just to consider how you hands and arms can let the club release to encourage better distance control, better accuracy on your arcing putting stroke.