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Video Transcript

Letting go off the bad shots and controlling your emotions is easier said than done. Fortunately there are a number of drills and actual number of techniques that you can use to help you do this. It’s not a case that this is all internal within your mind and that you just got to cope with it. There are techniques and there are certain tricks that you can use to help you along your way. Now a great one to use if you wish to forget about bad shots is the line of no return. So let’s say I’m on the course and I hit a terrible shot, so I’ve hit top, not what I wanted to see. I’m going to be a little bit frustrated, especially if it was an important point of the match, or if it was going to mess up my score.

So I’m going to be frustrated, but I can’t allow my emotions to cloud my judgement and to affect my next shot. So a great way of doing this is by using the line of no return. Now you can see this alignment stick here on the ground, what I’m going to do is in my mind I’m going to use this as a barrier. So I’m going to try and get all my bad emotions out, I’m going to try and let go of any negative feeling that I have here, and commit to the fact that when I cross over this line I am no longer going to be thinking about anything which has happened before it. It sounds simple and it is, but it is super, super effective. If you can use this and you can practice this, it is a fantastic way to control what you’re doing on the course.

So I’ve hit that bad shot, I’m taking a step back and I’m clearing everything negative from my mind, I’m focusing on this line in front of me and I’m committing to the fact that after I’ve crossed it, I’m no longer going to be thinking about anything negative. I’ll have to stay here for the sake of the video but I’m feeling very much better about myself. Use this drill, give it a go, practice on the golf course, and it should help you leave those bad shots behind.