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If you’ve now gone ahead and worked on the idea of releasing that right hand and you’re starting to work on this idea of touching the forearms and the follow through. What’s going be the added benefit from that, what do you think we are going to now start to see when we go out to the driving range and actually put this in to practice. Generally speaking, once you’re going to start to see an increase in the distance that you hit the golf ball, simply because we’ve increased the club head speed. So if the club head was being held back and we weren’t releasing, it would be a bit of a slower follow through, a little bit of a slower impact position, should I say I’m flow through and the four arms wouldn’t be touching in the follow through. Now we are allowing the four arms to touch, we are increasing clung head speed; therefore we are going to see more distance. There's also potential, and if that club face is rotating better through the impact zone, if the club face is now aiming last in relation to the swing path we might start to see a different shape of flight. We might start to see the ball moving from right to left in flight so in the past if the face was aiming to the right of the swing direction would have seen the ball moving to the right hand side.

Now if we have released that club head and it’s aiming left of the swing path we are going to start to see the ball moving from right to left in flight, which for a lot of golfers is going to be a positive thing we are going to hit less slices and fades. And potentially more draws as well which is going to be great. The added thing though is we might also see a better quality of strike we going to hit down on the ball nicely we are going to get a good quality contact. For a lot of golfers when they don’t release the club is actually pulled up into the sky. Because the forearms become a part the club comes of the ground you might see the ball hitting the bottom of the club and we are going to hit the top of the ball. But if we can extend the forearm down nicely rotate the forearms together. For a lot of golfers you are going to get better quality of strike better divots underneath the golf ball until it’s going to hit the ball high up into the air and better quality of shots. So those are the benefits of what we are going to see when we get those forearms rotating better and releasing the golf club better through impact.