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So we talked a lot about how the club face should be square and lots of different aspects of the game but I think one of the areas where the golfers probably fail should be the easiest part of the game yet they still struggle to do it is actually with the putter. Now we’ve got a straight putt, let’s imagine we’ve got a putt from me to the camera with no break. My line is dead straight at the camera. My setup and everything is pointing in the right direction, I’ve set my club up and it’s pointing in the right direction. There is not many things that can make this putt miss now, if it’s that straight putt without a break apart from me not delivering a square and straight club face back to the ball.

Now if you see yourself up with a few, let’s say six foot, it’s not particularly difficult putt. On a perfectly flat green, look around putting green till you find yourself a perfectly flat green, six feet away, go ahead and line yourself up.

And as long as you’ve got that club face Dead Square at the point of a setup, it should be a case of straight back and straight through. Now for a lot of golfers, they should have a putter with a straight line of some version of an alignment aid on the back of a putter that should be quite simply aiming exactly at the middle of a hole, if it’s a straight put with no break. And then, your stroke is trying to deliver that club straight back into that position without opening or closing during the stroke.

Now the easiest way to get a feel for the club being square to target as long as possible, it’s for the shoulders to be more involved in the putting stroke unless of the hands. If the hands are involved in the putting stroke, we often feel the club face will open and close, open and close and that’s not great. What we would like to see is a putting stroke is more shoulders back and through, back and through.

Now I’ve simply laid a cane down at the ground here I’ll have just another club, put my club on top of that with the black line of my putter, right down the middle of that club. Now I can stroke that back and through, back and through and I want to see that the club face is staying square to that line, so it’s not opening and closing too much during the stroke. If my body is using…if my body is being used more in the stroke, my shoulders are being used more and my hands and that was being used less, I'm generally going to find that my shoulders are in-charge, the club is rocking through on a square-to-square line rather than the hands being too involved and I should hold more of those six foot straight putts, if I can keep the face of my putter square.