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Video Transcript

So I mentioned in the previous video how the left hip can't really make a golf swing in the backswing, but it can ruin a golf swing and a backswing. So, if the left hip does too much in the backswing it can't ruin it, we want it to just be in a nice steady position here; nice in level, not too much movement. Then in the downswing this is where the left hip cannot make the golf swing. A good initiation of your downswing from your front hip, for me as a right handed golfer it’s my left hip.

Good initiation of my downswing can really make a very powerful consistent and accurately hitting golf swing from just my left hip movement and the point here is if your left hip moves accurately your hands and arms and shoulders will all follow suit. Whereas, for a lot of golfers we find that if the left hip doesn’t work something out as well and that’s where the hands, arms and shoulders come in and effectively ruin the swing and damage the swing.

So, from the good address position we've seen the left hip do a limited amount of work in the backswing, but now what we need to do is see this left hip really go to turn and start working quite a lot. Left hip is going to open up to target very quickly, so we go into drive across towards target and then turn back away from target very quickly. So, I like to describe this as a lateral rotation. It isn't just lateral; but it isn't just rotational. So as a golfer if we turn to the top and just go lateral, we end up sliding this way, sliding into the ball too much on the front foot probably going to cause weak pushes out to the right-hand side.

Likewise, if we turn to the top and just go rotational we’ll end up on the back foot this way probably coming across the back of a golf ball, pull hooking it, slicing it with an open clubface as well and potentially hitting our ball fat. So, just rotating and just lateral aren’t good motions; but if we can laterally rotate that would be nice, so turning to the top and at the top we've got a little bit of hip closure than in the downswing, a lot of lateral and a lot of opening up at the same time. We finish well on to the front side, well on to the left side, hips pulled well after the way and we turn through and that I feel is the best way to deliver the golf club.

What we’ll notice from the front arm seeing that again from this angle nicely up to the top big opening and big turning into the impact position. The hips are very open to target delivering the club through with plenty of club head speed and one more time from down the line, so you can see what it looks like from the back. You’ll see the left hip move out this way, so it's to the top nicely. It’s moved forward slightly, pulled back after the way here and it really pulled after the way. What you don’t see the left hip doing is going upwards too much. So, as we swing down if the left hip was to jump up that’s where we can get ourselves into trouble. In the next video we’re going to talk about why that left hip can cause some serious issues.