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One point of confusion with many golfers is what the ball position should be with a Fairway Wood. Because a Fairway Wood is that bridge between the driver and the irons, there is a little bit of confusion about where that ball should be. However with a Fairway Wood I think a lot of people would be quite surprised that it needs to be further back in the stance than the driver. This is because unless he is teed up on a tee, it will be off the Fairway.

Now when the ball is on the Fairway you don’t generally want to be hitting up through the point of impact. If you hit up through the point of impact you have to come up from somewhere and that generally means you will hit the ground first before the ball. So to ensure that you hit the ball, first you want to be playing that ball position slightly further back in the stance than you may think it needs to be. If you watch any of the Grey ball strikers, if you have look at the Sergio Garcia’s for example, the Jordon Spieth or Rory Mcllroy, they will all bruise the ground after the ball when hitting the Fairway Wood and this really shows and this really proves that the angle of attack is moving downwards through the point of impact.

So when you are getting setup rather than just finding out the left foot moving the right foot away and getting that ball position just inside the left heel, what you want to be doing or what you want to be seeing is taking a slightly bigger step with that left foot and getting the ball position just an inch and a half inside that left heel. Now what that’s going to allow, is going to allow a transfer of weight, it’s going to allow an impact on the ball first and then it’s going to allow that little bit of a bruise off the ground afterwards.

I’ve got a slightly teed up here so I might not take too much ground afterwards but, getting setup, taking our way and then just that gentle brush of the turf after I have struck it away, and by using that type of setup, by using that type of thought process where you are striking down and through the ball you should be able to hit it a lot more consistently.